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Whats on in Bristol

What’s on in Bristol

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Things to do in Bristol

Bristol is just absolutely loaded with things to do and places to see. Whether you are here with the children, by yourself or just letting the two of you get away, you've come to a city that has loads to do for everybody! You can come to the ever popular Bristol Hippodrome which has shows for people of all ages. Take sail in the harbour and join the crew on a boat trip to learn about Bristol's history and see all of the popular destinations here, keep your eye out for 'The Matthew' which is a Replica of John Cabot's 1497 ship that he used to discover Newfoundland, which is open for visits. A huge hit now is the 'Wile Place Project' which has all sorts of furry friends from all over the globe including a beautiful family of meerkats all the way from Madagascar. Of course you've got all of your cinema's, clubs and pubs but This doesn't even scratch the surface with how many things there are to do in Bristol so enjoy your visit.

Bristol Shopping

Bristol isn't shy of places to shop, that's for sure. You've got the Bristol Shopping Quarter which is in the heart of Bristol which has an endless supply of shop to fulfil all of your shopping addictions. Whether your a mainstream shopper and like all the designers stores or someone who loves a deal or even If your one of these people who like to find little back street that are full of little boutiques and privately owned shops that stock all sorts of bits, bobs and antiques. Bristol has it all! Inside the historical Exchange building in the heart of the Old City you will find St Nicholas Market, which is home to a fantastic range of independent retailers selling all sorts of things, there's a few treasures to be down there. Bristol is full to the brim of different places to shop just waiting for you to find them.

Eating Out in Bristol

If your looking for somewhere to get some food from then you are really going to struggle with Bristol.... because there is just too much to offer, you'll find it so hard to make your mind up! If it's a nice day then why not try one of the cities many Al Fresco restaurants and enjoy the weather and fresh air while your enjoying your food. If your just looking for a small bite to eat then try one of the cafe's or diners here to refuel for the rest of your day. Perhaps your going to one of Bristol's world class theatres and want to go for a meal before, there's restaurants that specifically design their menu just for that! If you've bought the children with you then there are plenty of places to take them that are family friendly and offer a relaxed atmosphere. If your thinking about have a quiet night in and a takeout is in mind then there are an abundance of different cuisines to choose from that can be delivered straight to your door.